New product
COMPEED® Cold Sore Discreet Healing Patch
New product

COMPEED® Cold Sore Discreet Healing Patch

COMPEED® Cold Sore Discreet Healing patch contains hydrocolloid active gel technology for fast healing and a reduction in scabbing. It starts to work from the very first sign and continues throughout all stages.

Its’ discreet design helps to protect the cold sore and help avoid social embarrassment.

Compeed Cold Sore Patches also create a virus shield to help reduce the risk of contamination.

x15 # of Plasters

How to Apply


Wash your hands before and after use. Ensure your skin is clean and dry. Do not apply any cream on the lip, as the patch may no longer stick to your lip.


Tear off one product along the perforated edge to separate it from the others. Take care not to press down on the protective teal cover.


Hold the clear paper applicator at the curved edge.


Using both hands, carefully peel off the clear paper applicator from the protective teal coloured cover.


You will see the round cold sore patch on the upper part of the applicator. Take care not to touch the adhesive side of the patch.


Apply this part of the applicator to the cold sore and using a mirror, gently press down to firmly place the patch on to the cold sore.


Gently peel back the applicator leaving the Compeed Cold Sore Patch in place. Make-up or lipstick can be applied over the patch.

Hydrocolloid technology

COMPEED® Cold Sore Discreet Healing hydrocolloid patch works from the inside out to help the body’s natural healing process.
Its’ Hydrocolloid-075 active gel technology creates the optimal germ-free healing environment to help prevent the scab forming and the cold sore from spreading.

The patch is discreet and also acts like a virus shield to help reduce risk of contamination from the cold sore and to prevent it from worsening.

Stays in place for up to 12 hours.

For best results start using when you first feel a tingle and continue using a patch day and night throughout the outbreak until the lesion is fully healed.

Virus shield reduces contamination
Prevents scab formation
Reduces symptoms from 1st sign
Discreet protection

Properties of plaster

Properties of plaster
  1. Ultra-thin hydrocolloid-075 gel absorbs the excess fluid for fast healing and provides the optimal moist environment to prevent scabbing.

  2. Semi-permeable membrane allows the wound to breathe while protecting it from external contaminants such as dirt and bacteria.

  3. Protective barrier against external triggers to reduce contamination and worsening.

  4. Ultra adhesive and tapered edges so Compeed flexes with movement and stays in place for up to 12 hours.

  5. Translucent patch blends in with the skin for ultimate discretion.

COMPEED® cold sore patches should be used 24 hours a day until the sore is healed*. Don’t remove the patch because you want the sore to ‘breathe’. This is actually counter-productive and can lengthen the healing* process.

* healing of the cold sore lesion